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Cloud backup market growth

Data Backup Software Market Growth is Expected

Data backup software collates, compresses, protects and encrypts transfers of data to clients without consuming excess amount of time. Backup software is used to safely store data to a remote, cloud-based server.

Increasing Adoption of Cloud-based Technologies

As we develop our technology usage and reliance, we globally, produce and require a larger amount of data each day. It is no longer practical to store all of our data on physical storage devices, hence the growth in cloud based backup software. This is a major factor in the growth of data backup software according to Ronnie Huynh of Market Research 24.

The market is primarily split into three distinct segments, disaster recovery, cloud storage gateway and primary storage. Primary storage is expected to experience the highest level of growth over the forecast period up to 2027, in the industry report published by

The report identifies the “increasing adoption of data backup software & cloud-based technologies by various industries, are major factors boosting growth” They also state that while this growth is certainly seen in developed economies we are experiencing solid growth in data backup software in new emerging and developing economies. This additional usage in emerging economies is a huge factor in the global wide growth seen.

How Safe Data Storage Can Help

Safe Data Storage offer cloud based, secure backup software to industries across the UK. Specialising in Business Backup in addition toEducation and Charity data backup. All of our clients data is stored in two equally encrypted ISO 27001 accredited data centres for optimum secure data storage.

If you have any questions about how to securely store and backup your data or which Safe Data Storage solution would be best for you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your backup software requirements.