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Small business backup software

Why do so many small businesses trust us with their data?

Safe Data Storage provides secure offsite backups for 5000 SME-owned devices every day. Almost every small business holds data about customers, employees, and products. What would your business do if all of that critical information was suddenly gone? How would your employees do their jobs? How much money would you lose as a result? Are you prepared? If you are not prepared, then small business backup software will be the ideal solution for you. 

Unscrupulous hackers using ransomware exploit software vulnerabilities or gain access through email or even instant messaging clients like WhatsApp. Once they get their code on to one of your company devices, they can mount an attack. They could block access to your data and demand money (usually in untraceable currencies such as Bitcoin) to release it. Even those that pay sometimes find their data is gone for good. Attacks happen to businesses across the UK on a daily basis.

40% of Businesses Have Been Targeted by Hackers

Recent statistics show that a huge number suffer data loss and damage to reputation and finances as a result of cyber-attacks. Even taking regular backups of your own data may not help if they are stored on the same network as your systems, where hackers could damage them or prevent access. So what should you do to protect your business?

Mitigate these risks by making sure your critical business data is backed up regularly to an off-site storage server. Safe Data Storage provides secure cloud storage for your backups, keeping them out of reach of hackers. Backing up your data with us means that whatever happens to your systems, you can always get a recent copy of your data back quickly, reliably and simply.

Our cloud servers are owned by us, so nobody else will have access to your data. All our servers are in the United Kingdom. This is important in order for your business to comply with UK data protection law, which does not allow data about UK citizens to be stored outside the European Union. This may change after the Brexit transitional period at the end of 2020, so by keeping your backups in the UK you are future-proofing your backup plan. You can trust our small business backup software. Your data will be fully encrypted to keep it as secure as it can be.

We are certified to ISO 27001 information security standard and ISO 9001 quality management standards, so you can trust us to protect your business by keeping your data safe and secure.

Our range of products will support your business, whether you prefer on-site, private or public cloud solutions.

Our friendly and experienced UK telephone support team are here to help with any query.

Call us to discuss the best solution for your business. We’re confident you will soon join our growing number of happy customers. Enjoy peace of mind, ensuring you can keep your business working no matter what goes wrong.