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Why do so many small businesses trust us with their data?

Safe Data Storage provides secure offsite backups for 5000 SME-owned devices every day. Almost every small business holds data about customers, employees, and products. What would your business do if all of that critical information was suddenly gone? How would your employees do their jobs? How much money would you lose as a result? Are you prepared? If you are not prepared, then small business backup software will be the ideal solution for you. 

Unscrupulous hackers using ransomware exploit software vulnerabilities or gain access through email or even instant messaging clients like WhatsApp. Once they get their code on to one of your company devices, they can mount an attack. They could block access to your data and demand money (usually in untraceable currencies such as Bitcoin) to release it. Even those that pay sometimes find their data is gone for good. Attacks happen to businesses across the UK on a daily basis.

40% of Businesses Have Been Targeted by Hackers

Recent statistics show that a huge number suffer data loss and damage to reputation and finances as a result of cyber-attacks. Even taking regular backups of your own data may not help if they are stored on the same network as your systems, where hackers could damage them or prevent access. So what should you do to protect your business?

Mitigate these risks by making sure your critical business data is backed up regularly to an off-site storage server. Safe Data Storage provides secure cloud storage for your backups, keeping them out of reach of hackers. Backing up your data with us means that whatever happens to your systems, you can always get a recent copy of your data back quickly, reliably and simply.

Our cloud servers are owned by us, so nobody else will have access to your data. All our servers are in the United Kingdom. This is important in order for your business to comply with UK data protection law, which does not allow data about UK citizens to be stored outside the European Union. This may change after the Brexit transitional period at the end of 2020, so by keeping your backups in the UK you are future-proofing your backup plan. You can trust our small business backup software. Your data will be fully encrypted to keep it as secure as it can be.

We are certified to ISO 27001 information security standard and ISO 9001 quality management standards, so you can trust us to protect your business by keeping your data safe and secure.

Our range of products will support your business, whether you prefer on-site, private or public cloud solutions.

Our friendly and experienced UK telephone support team are here to help with any query.

Call us to discuss the best solution for your business. We’re confident you will soon join our growing number of happy customers. Enjoy peace of mind, ensuring you can keep your business working no matter what goes wrong.

Online backup for a small business

Online backup for small business

What are the main advantages of online backups for a small business?

Extra safe

Having an online backup for a small business mitigates the damage that could be caused by fires, floods, computer viruses, theft, etc. These incidents could ruin more traditional devices. If your computer is destroyed in a fire or flood, an online backup means that you will still be able to recover your data and won’t lose your valuable files.

Recovery is easier

The best online backup solutions are able to provide full data recovery whenever it is needed and in a very short time. This means that there will not be a significant disruption to your workflow if things go wrong.

Multiple versions

Manual data backups are generally unable to deal with versioning. This is because they tend to be taken at ‘absolute’ points, such as at midnight. However with online data backups, sequential copies of your data can be saved and catalogued, meaning that you can go back to specific previous versions if needed - even if they have only been minimally changed. This is particularly useful when working on data that is being changed or updated on a regular basis.

Sync your data on different devices

This means that the latest version of your file is always available, regardless of whether you are accessing it via your tablet or via your desktop computer. This boosts productivity and means no longer having to save different versions of the same file on each different device and being unsure which is the most up to date.

Saves money and time

Buying physical backup media can require significant initial outlay. These devices also need maintenance, upgrading, checking etc, which will take up valuable time.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your data is safe, backed up and easily retrievable removes a great deal of worry and pressure. It is hard to put a value on this peace of mind; however, for most people, it is worth a significant amount.

Any downsides?

This all sounds fantastic, so what’s the catch? Well, there are a couple of potential downsides: 

Initial backup/seeding data - this first full backup can be time-consuming and potentially disruptive to the workplace, as it will tend to need at least some downtime.

Size limitations - bandwidth can be an issue for some larger organisations, as full backups on an hourly basis require significant capacity. This is not much of an issue for smaller businesses.

Discontinuation of service - this is a potential issue if opting for smaller, lesser-known providers, as you need to be aware that they could pull the plug with little warning. This is not going to happen with the larger providers.

New Technology Could Secure Future of Online Backup Services

Online Data Backup Services

The world is facing a digital crisis brought about by the persistent and exponentially increasing rate at which data is being generated by businesses and individuals alike.

Every social media post, every online interaction and every uploaded image needs to be stored somewhere, and eventually it will be impossible for traditional hard-drive technology to keep up with demand for more and more memory.

Add to this the fact that people are turning to companies offering online backup in the UK to save their precious files and folders rather than relying solely on local storage, and the dilemma will appear to be especially acute.

The good news is that this week researchers at IBM announced a major development in storage technology which could help overcome the current limitations that are restricting the market and provide a future-proof solution that will avert a data-capacity disaster.

New Phase

The breakthrough is being described as phase-change memory, or PCM for short, according to CBR Online. And although the technical underpinnings are understandably complex, in essence the ability to store three bits of information per cell means that PCM’s capacity can drastically exceed an equivalent storage device available on the market at the moment.

Previously, scientists had only been able to use PCM to store a single bit per cell, meaning that this threefold increase will be a major indication that the technology is commercially viable.

Research spokesperson Dr Haris Pozidis said that PCM was capable of mimicking the capabilities exhibited both by flash memory and by DRAM, offering higher density than the latter and a real-terms cost that is closer to that of the former.

Potential Applications

While PCM could initially be combined with flash memory in order to offer a quicker-acting alternative on which crucial data can be stored for near-instant access, in the long term it will hopefully be developed as a complete replacement not only for flash storage but also for traditional hard drives.

As more and more data moves off devices themselves and into the cloud, it is crucial for companies offering online backup in the UK to be able to provide excellent levels of performance and accessibility from their servers. And if PCM becomes an appropriate option for organisations in this industry, then it could revolutionise both the amount of storage that is available and the extent to which its performance capabilities reflect the data-intensive expectations of access that customers place upon such services.

It seems likely that smartphones will be the first devices on which PCM is put to the test, with Dr. Pozidis and his team suggesting that handheld devices could use this next-generation memory as the sole storage solution for the underlying operating system. This would mean that Android and iOS could load up very quickly after a device is turned on rather than taking a minute or more to do so.

Flash memory will be retained for the storage of non-critical data, such as apps. But as PCM becomes more affordable, it seems reasonable to assume that it will be embraced more widely and potentially push flash memory out of the marketplace altogether.

In an enterprise environment, PCM is seen as being an excellent option for businesses that need to rely on lightning-fast responsiveness from their hardware in order to avoid suffering adverse consequences during daily use. In particular, this would be applicable in infrastructures that are designed to handle financial trades and other transactions, since often a matter of a few milliseconds can be the difference between turning a profit and making a loss.

Because of the diverse array of potential applications of PCM technology, it seems that it could eventually become a staple of the storage industry, both on local devices and in data centre environments. And of course the researchers at IBM are still going to be working on this technology in the coming months and years, perhaps resulting in further improvements in density which could bolster the chance of PCM’s success in the mainstream marketplace and enhance its life cycle.

Top Advantages of Online Backups for Business

As days are passing technology is developing to shape our lives for the better. Well, nowadays, online business backup solutions have become an indispensible part of all corporate houses. With online backup solutions, come security, mobility and accessibility. This further prompts all business houses to adapt to the backup solutions for protecting their important data. As we all know that saving files with online backup systems can save you from losing them in a case of computer crash or any other mishap.If you choose an online backup system for safeguarding important data of your company you can be rest assured with its security. Well, to believe it, you need to use this solution for your business. It’s not rocket science, it’s basically a technique of preventing data loss by copying or saving them offsite. So, major companies are considering online backups for their businesses.

There are many service providers providing online business backup solutions to the companies. But, knowing the advantages of cloud backup are necessary to choose the best from the lot. Keep reading below:


This is one of the topmost advantages of the cloud backup services. Once you save your files on the cloud you can be at peace with the level of security it provides. Storing important data on a hard drive or a hard disc carries the risk of getting lost or getting misplaced. I’m sure you’re not looking for such incidents. Rather than run the risk, act smart and consult cloud backup for business in the UK. After all, we all know that any data lost can incur a heavy damage on the business, which is absolutely undesirable.


The best part of the online backup solution is that it can be accessed at any time, from any place on the earth. However, to do this, make sure you have a good internet connection. With good connectivity, nothing can stop you from accessing or uploading certain data at your own convenience. Also, the online backup is continuous and is updated on its own without any manual interference. Try it to know the benefits all by yourself.

Easy data-restoration process

As online backup is well-known for its mobility and security, it’s also well known for its easy data restoration process. This is applicable in the case of a stolen laptop that requires immediate attention as a company’s asset is stored in it. SafePoint, one of the many technologies helps to destroy the data from the laptop once it’s connected to the internet. You need not worry about the lost data, as you’ll be having it saved in some secured folder as well.

So, with all the above-mentioned advantages of the online backup solution for business, are you convinced? I’m sure you are. There are many companies providing cloud backup for business in the UK. Contact them and start enjoying their services as soon as possible.

Know the Reasons for Considering the Online Data Storage and Backup Service

We all know that storing data is a daunting task. Your job doesn’t end only with the storing of the essential data. You have to make sure of the security of the important documents as well.

Now, you may think how do I do that? Well, there’s nothing to fear – online data storage and backup services are available for everyone. Online data storage is one of the latest technological advancements that have ensured proper functioning of businesses’ data practices irrespective of their size. Are you looking for a secured way to protect your data? If yes, then online data storage is the wisest choice.

With online data storage and backup services, you are reassured your data is in good hands thanks to the security, sharing and accessibility of all the important data stored on the cloud. Once you start using this service you’ll be surprised with its unique attributes that will make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s give you a proper picture of the reasons for considering the online data storage and backup services. Keep reading below:


The online data storage and backup service is an independent technology, meaning it does not require you to depend on your hard drives to store your valuables. Storing precious documents on the hard drives have the risk of getting lost or misplaced. I’m sure you’re not looking forward to such a serious situation. So, try the online data storage and backup services from the best online backup service providers and enjoy the benefits on your own.


As there’s no external drive involved in storing the important data on the cloud, it’s very safe and secure. Once you store your valuable information on the cloud, it is saved securely using encryption, meaning that it cannot be accessed by any other person apart from yourself or anyone you give access. This is one of the most important features for businesses of all sizes who require the best security.


Another most vital reason for considering the online data storage and backup service is its accessibility. Once you store files on the cloud, you can access the files at any point, from anywhere. However, make sure that there’s a strong internet connection so that you can access the files that you wish to use.


Who doesn’t want to save money? I guess we all crave for saving some money. Well, online data storage is far more cost-effective than any other means of storing data, and the storage required can grow with your business, so you will only pay for what you require. You need to try it to believe it. So, try now!

If you follow the above-mentioned reasons, you’ll be able to consider opting for online data storage and backup services. Online backup for business is a smart invention and can make life simpler than you thought was possible. So, get in touch with the online data storage service providers and seek their services as early as possible to enjoy the benefits for the proper functioning of your company.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Backup Services for Business in the UK

Online backup service benefits

Resilience and Continuity

Digital services are essential for every modern business, irrespective of the industry in which it operates or the number of people it employs. That means the tolerance for any kind of IT issue or full-blown outage is low, with even minor problems leading to lost revenue and reputational damage.

Online backup platforms can be the ideal way to counteract common problems that occur without warning, enabling you to ensure that your systems are resilient in the face of unforeseen disasters and that recovery is swift and comprehensive.

Fully managed cloud backup services allow you to offload mission-critical data to third party facilities, where it is stored and from where it can be retrieved in the event that on-site hardware fails or is otherwise compromised by circumstances beyond your control.


Shouldering the burden of responsibility for providing security is difficult for many businesses, especially when internal resources might be stretched thin and the temptation to cut corners becomes too great to overcome. To counterbalance this, online backup provided by a dedicated hosting company will let you share the responsibility and commit to working with an organisation which can focus its efforts more keenly on the process of providing protection against cyber threats.

From end to end encryption to data centres which are endowed with personnel to ensure the physical security of hardware, a backup service can be a savvy investment for small and large businesses.

Cost Effectiveness

Cloud-hosted online backup is a fundamentally cost effective solution because of the scalability that it offers customers. Rather than requiring businesses to buy, host and update hardware themselves – with unused capacity going to waste outside of peak periods – an online backup alternative eliminates the expense and stress of taking the traditional route.

There are a range of other costs that can also be mitigated or removed altogether when you adopt online backup. When everything is managed by a third party, the payment process is simplified, which also means that there will be no nasty surprises further down the line.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Speed, scalability and security are the calling cards of online backup solutions, but from a practical point of view one of the main benefits is the usability that is offered by modern packages.

Backups can be scheduled for convenient times so that work is not disrupted and data continuity is assured. You can even maintain multiple backup sets so that you have several options available as and when restoration becomes a necessity.

Businesses can also choose the degree of management which is offered by the provider, either opting for a fully managed experience that allows them to take a hands-off approach to their backup resources, or a non-managed service which gives businesses more autonomy and control.

Finally the end-user experience is enhanced thanks to slick interfaces which have shallow learning curves, along with the option to restore backups from any location, rather than being tied down to a single set of hardware. This level of intuitiveness is enhanced by the comprehensive support packages that providers offer their enterprise clients.


Many organisations are concerned about the environmental impact of their IT systems, looking to find ways to minimise their carbon footprint without compromising in other areas. This becomes difficult to achieve when taking the in-house approach to backup, as hardware not only has to be procured and powered, but must also be periodically repaired and replaced, resulting in a mountain of e-waste being generated over time.

Using an online backup solutionhelps to overcome this in a number of ways. For example, providers can offer cutting edge, high capacity storage which can cope with larger volumes of data without taking up the same amount of floor space or consuming as much energy as older on-site systems.

Data centres operated by cloud providers can also be optimised to run as efficiently as possible, since as with the other benefits mentioned earlier, there is the commercial incentive to do so.

These are just some of the benefits which might motivate businesses to choose online backup over in-house storage, but there are many more to discover once you start using modern services.

Is your business’ data safe? Research suggests it’s probably not…

Business data research

New research carried out in the U.S. has revealed that the majority of businesses who store credit card data using cloud storage are not doing so securely.

Information Management reported today that research by the company reviews aggregator Clutch found that over 60% of small businesses that use cloud storage for customer credit card and banking information were not storing this data securely.

Clutch’s research polled the IT decision-makers at 300 small businesses in the U.S. who currently use cloud storage.

In addition, the results showed that 54% of companies that store medical data do not do so securely.

By not storing this data securely, the businesses are breaching industry regulations on data storage.

In the U.S., this can lead to fines of millions of dollars and of course huge damage to a company’s reputation.

Secured data

Keeping your customers’ data secure is crucial for any business

However, just as important – in the U.S. and everywhere else – is the need to protect customers’ sensitive financial information.

Being unable to reassure customers that their credit card and other personal information will be safe may lead to a downturn in business as customers will not feel confident giving you their data.

More than simply comprising customers’ privacy, having this kind of data unsecured leaves them at financial risk through the danger of fraud.

In the UK, with the new General Data Protection Regulation incoming, the need to ensure your cloud storage is secure and follows industry guidelines is also more important than ever.

Data breaches of unsecured cloud storage have featured heavily in the news recently. Just yesterday it was revealed that data on 123 million households in the U.S. was leaked due to a breach of an Amazon Web Services storage bucket used by a marketing company.

According to the security researcher who discovered the breach, the data included 248 fields of information for each household, meaning that “billions of personally identifying details and data points about virtually every American household” were made visible.

Safe Data Storage provide secure, fully-managed cloud backup services with extensive technical support. Data is encrypted and stored in two data centres, both based in the UK.

4 Points to Remember while Choosing a Data Storage Company for your Business

As a business/company owner, your first and foremost responsibility is to grow your business into a flourishing one. Get the best out of your workers and provide all that is appropriate for your customers. Now, having said that, it is also your duty to keep a record of everything that is happening in your organisation. Especially exchange of documents, storing of files, entering data, etc. Gone are the days when a manual check of everything was mandatory. Those were the days when people had to store their data on multiple hard drives. Most of which, if not stored properly, were prone to getting destroyed, stolen or tampered with. However, with the changing times, the storage system has also changed. Technology has made things faster and easier, it has brought to us the cloud data storage facility. It is this system that has introduced us to the most unique way of securing and storing data. Yes, storing confidential information on the cloud now is not only easy but also very safe. So, as a business owner, your worry of losing valuable information is long gone.

There are many cloud data storage companies those have come into existence in recent times. Getting in touch with these would be an ideal way to handle online backup of data. One of such companies providing online backup in the UK is Safe Data Storage. With a fully managed support service and backup system, this company provides total security and multiple backup opportunities for its clients.

Here are 4 points to remember while choosing on a data storage company.

Ask a Few Questions: Since it is your data that needs to be safely stored, it is important that you ask a couple of technical questions.Will you be given a fully managed storage solution? Will your storage related issues be resolved or will you be left to resolve them on your own?Will you be charged for initial backups and restores? A detailed review of these questions will leave you choosing the right option.

Make a List: After you’ve made a technical review of the storage providers, make a list of the preferred data storage companies.Check their features thoroughly and see if they match with your requirements perfectly. After all it is your company’s confidential documents you would want to store in the most secured and effective way.

Do a Background Check: After you’ve shortlisted the data storage companies, do a thorough background check to look for reviews and highlights. Ensure to take all precautions to choose the right vendor.

Check What They have to Offer: It may sound strange, but it is essential to check what the cloud data storage companies have to offer you with. You may often find disparity between what is stated in the website and what the company offers in reality. It is, therefore, important to clearly understand the offerings at the very beginning.

Keeping in the mind the above-mentioned points will surely help you choose the right data storage company for your business. A company that will provide you with the most appropriate storage service and keep your data safe at all times.

Top Three Ways Cloud Technology Has Influenced the Education Sector

Cloud technology influencing education

The ability to save files and content in a way that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, has been one of the most useful technological innovations to date. Today, the popularity of the cloud services is no longer restricted to business organizations but include educational institutions too. This highly effective and most importantly, space saving technology has significantly impacted on the way the education sector used to operate. Students and teachers alike are now reaping the numerous benefits of the online backup solutions in the UK. This has further led to the rise of cloud solution providers, offering backup services to suit the customised requirements of the education sector also. So, how does the cloud technology affect operations for schools, colleges and other institutions?Here’s a detailed discussion.

Increased Portability

– Gone are the days when teachers were required to bring and carry their individual storage devices whenever they needed to take work back home. Using USB drives or disks is risky and could lead to loss of valuable data. Cloud backup puts an end to all such troubles. With all the data securely gathered at one place, restoring these files is simple and hassle-free.


Ease of use

– Being able to securely backup all files on a day-to-day basis means that if a file is lost or deleted the next day then it can be recovered. This provides a much needed flexibility for educational institutions that have hundreds of updated files each day.


Safety and Security

- A reason why many in the education sector are still not ready to move to the cloud is because they are apprehensive of the security of the stored data. Well, the good news is cloud solutions offer the best possible security to your critical data while also ensuring that recovery takes place fast, if needed. All content on the cloud requires specific authentication for the user to access it. In case of natural calamities, you can be rest assured that your data is safe on the cloud.


Seek the services of a reputed provider to make the most of the cloud technology for education.

What the Facebook data breach tells us about the public’s attitudes to data security

Facebook data breach.

In January we consulted our crystal ball and predicted that data – in particular the public’s data privacy, and large-scale breaches of it – would be headline news in 2018. What we didn’t expect was to be proved right so soon by the massive Facebook data breach exposé that has dominated the headlines this month. Feel free to ask us for this week’s lottery numbers…

Facebook users across the world are still reeling from reports that 50 million Facebook profiles were harvested by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data analytics company, in an enormous data breach for use in political campaigns including Donald Trump’s presidential bid and Brexit.

Facebook users’ ‘likes’ and other information on their profiles was used to target them with political propaganda encouraging them to vote for the candidates Cambridge Analytica was working with.

The effect of the news of the breach has been to make consumers more aware of their data and how it is being used. Cambridge Analytica’s data acquisition can be traced back to Facebook quizzes in the early years of this decade where users blithely granted access to their and their friends’ data in order to take part in quizzes.

Already, as a result of this story breaking, it’s hard to imagine Facebook users casually signing over their data to third parties en masse any longer without knowing how it will be used. Indeed, many users have left the platform altogether out of concerns about the security of their data.

For businesses who handle sensitive data about their customers or users, there is a clear lesson to be learnt from this: consumers are growing increasingly aware and passionate about their online privacy and how their data is used.

It seems clear that data security will become an increasingly important factor to consumers when they are choosing between services and products.

Of course, the Facebook breach has happened against the backdrop of GDPR’s introduction, which has been worrying businesses by itself. Organisations are required to be GDPR-compliant by the fast-approaching deadline of 25 May. Read more on GDPR on our blog.

GDPR gives individuals more access to, and rights over, their data and how it is used. It will force businesses to reassess what data they collect on employees and customers and the collection of all of this information is strictly necessary.

In addition, individuals have the ‘right to be forgotten’ if they object to some of the data being collected about them.

This is clearly a landmark moment for the data industry, with consumers awakening to the importance of keeping their data secure and organisations increasingly being held to account about their data practices.

Safe Data Storage provide secure cloud backup services for businesses, education providers and charities, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.

For more information, get in touch.