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Business Backup

A comprehensive backup service for backing up PCs, laptops, servers, databases and virtual machines safely to our own UK private cloud.


Data encrypted on your machine using up to 448 Blowfish Encryption before being sent to our servers via SSL encrypted transit.

UK Servers

At Safe Data Storage, we only use our own servers and storage, hosted in two UK based, ISO 27001 accredited data centres.

Data Retention

Data retention is how long you wish to store changed or deleted files within each backup set. This can be set by you upwards of one day, there is no limit to the duration.

Backup Notifications

After each backup you will receive a report of its status – it will even advise you if the scheduled job has missed. If using a PC or Laptop, take advantage of our backup reminder notification which will inform you when your last backup was run and to give you a gentle nudge to backup and protect your files

The Backup Modules

Our business user client has a number of different modules available for you to use for free. These include VMware, Hyper-V, Synology, QNAP, Total Office 365 Backup, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Windows System, and Windows System State (Active Directory) For a small additional fee, you can even protect your hosted Office 365 Exchange Mailbox.

Faster Backups

Both the Single User and Business User will do a full initial backup. Then all subsequent backups will only upload changes and new files that are created in the location specified to backup – so they will be much faster than the initial upload.

Multiple Machine Backups

With our business user client, you have the ability to backup multiple machines and manage them in our dedicated portal. Create a backup set per machine then set required schedules and retention periods for each backup.

Backup Type

We have two backup types within our Business Backup solution; Single User or Business User. The Single User is ideal for PCs and Laptops supporting Windows or Mac with limited modules. The Business User comes with all the add-on modules and is for use with servers, PCs and Laptops, supporting Windows, Mac or Linux.

Free Seeding

Slow connection speeds? Too much data to send over the internet? Not to worry - we offer a free seeding service not just for initial backups, but for restores too. Your only cost is to send the drive back to us. You can check your internet speed here.


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