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The Problem

starts from scratch and willnot continue the chain

We recently came across this problem when trying to update one of our customers from Shadow Protect (SP) from v 3.5 to v 5.0.4. The problem was that you had to uninstall v 3.5 with the v5 installer which then removes the backup job. When you install V5, you have to create a new backup job or try to restore the previous backup job via a registry edit which works fine from v4 onwards but not v3. So when you create a backup in v5 it starts from scratch and will not continue the chain which forces a new SPF (full file) backup. When running on a local LAN this isn’t such a problem, but when you’re uploading a full bare metal image via the internet to our servers, this can be a huge problem.

This solution worked for me:-

Upgrade v3.5 to v4.15 – restart server

Upgrade v.4.15 to 5.0.2 – restart server

After restart, open SP and allow to run as normal. It will continue where the chain left off which means continued small file backups!

V4.15 has an earlier installer and doesn’t request you to uninstall v3.5

I have run this upgrade on 4 servers (2 x 2008 64bit 1 x 2008r2 and sbs2003) and all have worked fine. Test this first in a test environment before running it on a live system.  I would also suggest after upgrading a live system, make sure you can mount a new 5.04 backup image just to make sure it works.

I hope this helps others out there