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Will my data be encrypted?

All data is encrypted on your device before being transmitted to us using up to 448 Blowfish Encryption. Your data is then sent to our servers using SSL encryption and stays encrypted while it is stored, until you download and restore files at a later time, decrypting it using the key you selected when the set was created.

Can I backup Exchange and SQL?

Yes, we have free Exchange & SQL modules along with System State, VMs & Mailbox backups. We can even backup your 365 Emails. This will be at an additional one off cost per mailbox license.

Can I recover old deleted or previous versions of a file?

Yes, each backup set you create will have a retention setting so you can determine the duration. Deleted or older versions of files are kept for this period of time, ready to be restored if needed. We recommend at least a minimum of 31 days.

Will I receive a report once my backup has been completed?

Yes. After a backup completes, you will receive a comprehensive email report.

How do I contact support?

We offer three ways for contacting our support team. Simply call us, email support or try our on-line chat. We don't charge for support!

Can I test my backups?

Yes, and we highly recommend you do as part of your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

How does the software work?

After creating an account on our servers, simply download and install the backup agent, follow a simple step by step wizard and start backing up and protecting your data. Though you can always call us and we will talk you through it.

Does the software backup open files?

Open files are backed using VSS (also known as Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Copy Service) to take a snapshot of all open files.

Are my backups managed?

Yes. Unlike most providers, we make you aware if there are any problems with your backups. We then work with you to resolve the problem and if required, use Team Viewer to connect to your machine.

Where is my backed up data stored?

We use two UK ISO 27001 accredited data centres. Our primary data centre is in Docklands (London). All data is then automatically replicated to our backup site in Bournemouth. This replication is done for added security for yourselves, and at no extra cost.

Do you limit speeds?

We never limit speeds. Send data to us as fast as you like, and more importantly - restore as fast as you can. Please be aware, the backup client works hard encrypting and compressing your data while sending, so speeds can vary.

How long has Safe Data Storage been offering this service?

Safe Data Storage Ltd have been providing and supporting Business backup since 2004