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Initial Data Upload

If you have a large amount of data, and after using our free speed tester, you decide it would take far too long to complete the initial data upload, you should never rule out the service as we can provide a free initial seed service.

Seed Service - What is this?

After creating an account, you can request our free seeding service. We will send out a removable USB drive for you to connect to your server. We will then talk you through initiating the first backup to the drive (all data is encrypted). Upon completion of this local backup on the supplied drive (we will confirm the seed is complete) you will send the drive to us, at your cost, for us to upload directly on to our servers.

The initial seed is a full, encrypted copy of your selected data. Once we confirm with you that the seeded data is safely on our servers all subsequent backups are of only new and modified files, so almost any broadband can cope with the daily scheduled backup from that point onwards.

Upload Time Estimation

Use this test to determine how long your data would take to upload to a cloud backup provider.


Amount of data to backup

Estimated Initial Upload Time


Initial Data Seed Service Recommended

Due to the amount of time it would take to initially upload your data, we recommend that you use our free initial seed service.

Estimated Daily Upload