UK BASED CLOUD BACKUP Secure . Fully Managed . UK Telephone Support
  • Secure your data offsite for as little as £0.06* per GB.
  • Protect the data on your NAS in a secure and private UK cloud.
  • Simple installation directly on your NAS.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • NAS remains fully accessible whilst backup is taking place.
  • Fast and free restoration.
  • Flexible retention policy.
  • Full 256-bit encryption.

* Based on data charge only for a 10TB SAFE Backup account.

30 Day Free Trial Unlimited. No obligation.

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Use our pricing calculator based on the amount of data you need to protect.

Direct installation on QNAP QTS

The client side backup agent of SDSL Business Cloud Backup solution is directly installed on the QNAP QTS so that you don’t have to mount the NAS as network share for making the data accessible as required by other backup applications.

In-File Delta acceleration

With In-File Delta speed acceleration technology, only changed blocks are backed up each time. During restoration, these blocks will be combined with previous backups to synthesize a new full backup for quick recovery.

Point in time restore

Our solution allows the QNAP NAS user to restore a file from any point in time that it was backed up. The user can even restore multiple versions of a file through a single restore operation if required.

Flexible retention policy

Our solution allows you to set flexible retention policies, including daily, weekly, m onthly and yearly policies to suit your IT audit and compliance requirements for keeping historical data.

Unhackable 256-bit encryption key

Before backing data up to our private UK cloud, data security can be ensured by enabling 256-bit encryption so that the backup agent will encrypt the backup data locally before sending securely to our UK Cloud. The 256-bit encryption key is impossible to hack even by brute force attack using a supercomputer.

Enterprise scalability

OThe SDSL Business Cloud Backup solution installed on the QNAP QTS can be easily scalable for your enterprise purposes.

Free Trial

Try it for yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your QNAP environment today with the SDSL Safe Backup Client.