UK BASED CLOUD BACKUP Secure . Fully Managed . UK Telephone Support

Key Product Functionality

  • Agentless and automated Cloud to Cloud backup of your data.
  • Choice of backup location.
  • Supported applications:
  • Cloudbased setup, configuration & restoration.
  • Search, locate and non-destructive restore or export for local use.
  • Export backups of closed accounts for local archiving.
  • Fully maintained Data Granularity (no roll ups). 
  • Auto detection of new users or manual management.
  • Free support from our dedicated UK Support Team.
  • UK AWS Storage as a default with Worldwide options.
  • GDPR and RTBF / RTE Tools  for Compliance.

All data is stored and encrypted using advanced AES-256 bit encryption algorithms. Transmitted data is encrypted and secured using SSL (HTTPS) enabled servers.


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Microsoft 365

Exchange Online
Mail, Calendar, Contacts Tasks, Archive/ Shared mailboxes and public folders.

SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive
Team Sites, Sub-sites, Office 365 Video, documents, files, folders, items, libraries and lists.

Google Workspace

Mail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Sites and Chats.


All production and/or sandbox organizational data including meta data, custo objects and chatter feeds.


All folders and files.


All folders and files.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive, non-technical interface to easily activate backups, restore or export data. Automatically discover all users / sites, then click “activate all” or activate individual backups as needed.

On-Demand and Archive Backups

Backup a full tenant or selected users / sites at any time using the backup on-demand feature. Pause backups to archive the backup history while still being able to restore / export the data as needed.

Point in Time Data RecoveryFlexible Options

Recover data from any point in time and from any hierarchical level. Data can be restored to a sub-folder / sub-site in the original location (non-destructive), or to a different user / site. An in-place (destructive) restore option is available for SharePoint & OneDrive. )

Quickly Locate Data

Drill down hierarchically through backups by date or locate specific items using the granular search function. Advanced search functions and item preview further simplifies locating data.

Flexible Options 

User selected backup times and choice of AWS datacenter locations in the UK (default), EU, US, or Australia.

Admin Functions

Add multiple admins and manage permissions, onscreen activity / audit log, and daily backup summary email with .csv attachment.

Benefits of using SAFE C2C:

  • Client selected backup to AWS UK, US, EU or Australia datacenters               
  • Backups are stored in secure AWS S3 storage
  • AES-256 bit data encryption at rest and SSL HTTPS
  • AWS Compatible Cloud Storage
  • Built-in AWS datacenter security, replication and failover
  • Periodic ”backup of the backups” to AWS Glacier
  • Optional OAuth and 2-Factor Authentication
  • 99.9% Uptime / Availability SLA

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