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 Key Product Functionality

  • Complete protection for your SalesForce account.
  • Supported elements:
    • All Organisational Data
    • Production and Sandbox
    • Multiple Instances
    • Chatter Feeds
  • Automated and on-demand backups.
  • With a single click, restore individual objects as needed.
  • All data is encrypted in 256-bit and secure.
  • Web based configuration and management
  • Configurable retention policy.
  • Options for simple non-destructive restoration.

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Why businesses need to back up SalesForce

The adoption and migration to public cloud services and SaaS applications is increasing at an exponential rate and while this comes with some fantastic benefits, there is a requirement to provide protection for your corporate data even while in these high availability platforms.


  • User accidentally deletes data

  • User over-writes data with “Save”

  • Hacker or external party deletes data

  • SaaS Service ends or licencing error

  • Malicious internal delete of data

  • Programmatical application error

For many businesses, Salesforce data serves as the infrastructure for success. In order to protect your business’ critical data, a system administrator must perform time-consuming, manual on-site backups that can only be completed once a week. 


By using Safe Data Storage users can back up Salesforce data to a choice of cloud storage, with the added benefit of retention policies as well as backup and restore.

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Whether it be a result of accidental or malicious data deletion, or inadvertent processes that result in data corruption, your business’ lack of daily Salesforce data backups represents tremendous and unnecessary risk!

Our automated daily Salesforce backup service eliminates this potential risk and ensures that your data is protected around the clock and available for recovery whenever you need it.

Compatible with all editions of Salesforce and provides a complete backup of all organizational data, including metadata and Chatter feeds.