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What is UKSync ?

UKSync is a cloud sharing and syncing software that allows you to save your files on the cloud so that you can access them anywhere on the go. With constant syncing of changes made to your data, you will always have an up-to-date copy of your work available in the cloud.

Is there a maximum limit of files you can store?

There is no limit to the amount of files you can store on the cloud - the only limitation on storage is the amount of space you have available to use on your system.

Can I access files without internet access?

Yes, you can specifically select files to be downloaded offline so you can work on them without internet access. Once you have internet access the changes made will sync back to our cloud.

How long has Safe Data Storage been providing their UKSync service?

We have been providing our UKSync service since partnering with FileCloud in 2014.

Is UKSync also a backup?

No, the UKSync product is a cloud sharing and syncing software, not a backup. The cloud environment will sync what you do to your files, be it from your local machine to the cloud, or vice versa. This means that if you delete something on one, it will be gone on the other, so it is not a backup.

Is there a single file upload/download size limit?

There are no limitations on the size of a single file you can upload/download to our servers.

Are my files encrypted?

Yes, all files are encrypted during transit and at rest on our servers.