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What is Image Backup?

Image Backup is a complete image of your Windows or Linux machine. It allows you to schedule frequent image backups of local disk then send them securely to our UK Servers. The image will include the operating system along with all files, programs and settings, making it very simple to restore in the case of a disaster.

Can I restore to different hardware?

Yes, Image Backups allows complete systems to be restored to different hardware using it's unique Hardware Independent Restore Technology (HIR).

Are my backup images encrypted?

Yes, all images are encrypted with up to 256 bit encryption key that you specify during setup of the backups. This key is only known by you and is required to restore. If you lose this key, you will not be able to restore any of your data.

Can I trial the software?

Yes, you can have a 14 day trial of the software which allows all features other than Hardware Independent Restores.

Can I test my backups?

Yes, and we highly recommend you do as part of your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Run easy-to-execute tests on your backup images, and you'll be sure your backups will work when a disaster strikes.

How does it Work?

An Image Backup captures everything on the drives you select. It stores local backups to a USB or NAS drive, then securely replicates the images to our UK private cloud. Snapshots can be taken every 10 minutes so data loss will be minimal in the case of a disaster.

Can I perform a predefined restore?

Yes, using the Head Start Restore Technology (HSR) you can restore ahead of time to a VMware or Hyper-V environment

Can I restore a single file or folder?

Yes, you can mount any of the local snapshots stored on your USB or NAS drive and simply copy and paste back the files or folders you need to restore.

If I backup an Exchange Server, can I restore a single email or contact item?

Yes, using Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE) you can recover lost or deleted Exchange emails, email attachments, address book contacts, mailboxes, and more, all with minimal time and effort.

How long has Safe Data Storage been providing Image Backup Service?

We have been providing an image backup solution since 2008 when we partnered with StorageCraft. Since then we have grown to become their second Master MSP in the UK.